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Choose a career as a Specialty Doctor at Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Our Specialty Doctors underpin the work of our consultants, who in turn will support you and ensure you retain a good worklife balance.

You’ll be guaranteed a stable career with opportunities for personal and career development in your own specialty and you can adapt and change your job plan to suit your own particular needs.

You’ll be very much part of a team and your contribution to the wider team and meeting the needs of people using our services will be valued and recognised.

Our central Medical Personnel Team are on hand if you have any queries, concerns or questions and can offer support and guidance if required.

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Working here

As a Specialty Doctor you’ll spend the majority of your time directed towards patient care and be assigned to a named consultant.

You’ll have the benefit of working in a positive team environment, as well being able to get involved in other aspects of service developments and improvements.

You’ll also have access to a whole range of benefits and involvement opportunities available across the organisation.

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““I always look at things that I enjoy. For me that is coming to work, seeing patients and seeing how people get better. That always outweighs any other frustrations or challenges that I've had.””

Antony - Consultant Psychiatrist

Antony - Consultant Psychiatrist

““Mental health is an amazing discipline to work in. There's not a day that goes by where I don't see someone recover from what's often been a very difficult journey for them. They've often really suffered in dark places and there's nothing better than travelling alongside somebody and seeing them start to recover. It's the biggest buzz in the world.””

Kate – Consultant Psychiatrist

Kate – Consultant Psychiatrist

Our offer to you

Living here

We are committed to you having a strong worklife balance and your health and wellbeing is important. We offer a range of initiatives to support you both at work and outside of work.

Our flexible working policy supports you to make the most of living and working in this beautiful part of the country.

It really is a great place to work and a great place to live.

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“One of the advantages of living in Devon is that we’ve got so much variety. I can take the grandchildren down to the beach, we’ve got Paignton Zoo nearby, there’s various little railways we can travel on…we’ve got so much variety.”

David - Associate Specialist

Local information


A home in Devon varies on your preference of seaside, countryside or city living. On average you’ll be looking at £275,000 + for a fantastic apartment or beautiful house.

Famous for

Devon is the home county for many famous faces including Peter Cook, Sharron Davies, Sue Barker, Tom Daley and Wayne Sleep.

Areas of interest

The National Trust and British Heritage have some stunning properties across Devon. They offer great days out and give an excellent opportunity to explore more of our history, as well as enjoy a cream tea.

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