Kelly's story

Kelly Pauley, Assistant Practioner

Having spent several years working with young people in education, I have had a long passion to inspire and improve life outcomes for others. Due to experienced challenges in my own life journey, these events shaped my personality in wanting to empower people to realise they have a voice, and can achieve their goals.

Social work appeared so complex but I realised there was much about my life, and work practice that consisted of social work awareness and curiosity on challenging rights and promoting empowerment.  I left education and joined the mental health service. I saw how society and environments can have such an impact around us feeling, thinking and behaving. I wanted to know more and gain experience and knowledge in how I can have a positive impact to help others. This is where I found Social work as the pathway for me.

Kelly Pauley

Social care provides a vast area of opportunity from schools, hospitals, nursing and government agencies. There is a variety of services that work with communities, families and individuals to provide care plans and social support based on their circumstances and settings, to identify challenges for those in need, and help them to overcome these. There is continuing opportunities to develop knowledge and training along with lots of support

Devon Partnership NHS Trust (DPT) have been incredibly supportive in enabling me to thrive in my passion and on hand for support when it is needed. DPT ae very inclusive with our mental health and wellbeing at the forefront of what we do. Understanding my individual needs and supporting that to enable me to develop has allowed me to thrive. Helping me balance work and life through great communication and support. My values of using people’s voices to drive their care is that of DPT values, along challenging discrimination and respect for each individual. They continue to improve lives by working together and are fully committed and compassionate about care and development. I feel privileged to have this opportunity, and want to give back to my community.

Social work for me means promoting social change and empowering others to break down barriers preventing them from developing and achieving. Promoting equality and diversity, and being guided by others by building meaningful connections and earning the trust from those struggling to access support. Understanding complex situations with empathy and compassion to their feelings and behaviours. Most importantly preventing from harm, abuse and neglect.  You learn something new every day, and continue to develop within yourself, but also within many teams, and people that you network with in practice. The biggest reward for me is giving hope to heal and grow, and being part of their recovery.

Having the ability to communicate and form meaningful relationships achieves a good foundation to enable trust and engagement that supports moving forward towards solutions. Respecting individuals and being an advocate by liaising with agencies and professionals for better care.  My role has supported young people in accessing education, better health,  and wellbeing, and positive relationships with their families.  Being professionally accountable and keeping the person’s best interest at the heart of what we do while keeping myself and others safe. Being a good reflective practitioner strengthens how I deliver care, and that has shown in feedback from colleagues and service users. One of the main reasons I keep improving is because of great supervision and support.

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