Routes into Occupational Therapy

Our 'Routes into Occupational Therapy' session provides an opportunity to meet with our Careers Team, who will offer an overview of the study options available within the trust to support potential applicants in meeting their professional goals.

Learning outcomes

  • Outline the services within Devon Partnership NHS Trust which require Occupational Therapists and assistants
  • Identify the learning opportunities available within Devon Partnership NHS Trust within Occupational Therapy
  • Apply the steps needed to meet their own goals with the study offered
  • Outline how the courses are laid out and what might need to be considered to commence or be successful with these study routes

We will cover general information about apprenticeships and how they work within Devon Partnership NHS Trust, as well as how they fit into the Occupational Therapy career pathway.

The session is designed for potential applicants and learners, however, interested managers or team members are welcome to attend.

There will be a chance to ask questions following the presentation to find out more information.

To join, please reserve your spot by visiting our dedicated page on Eventbrite.

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